Retailer FAQ

What is the minimum order value?

For our retailers the minimum value you have to reach for a successful order is 200 €. For our distributors it is 200€ and for our Hungarian retailers it is 45.000 HUF. There is no maximum order value.

How will I receive the invoice?

Once your package is ready for shipping you will receive an e-mail with your invoice in PDF format. Please note that we do not send paper-based invoice along with the goods.

How can I pay?

We expect payments in advance through bank transfer or debit/credit card payment. As soon as your parcel is ready, we send you an e-mail with the invoice showing the total price increased with shipping costs. At the same time an additional, automatic e-mail is generated by our system with all the payment information needed for the wire transfer/debit or credit card payment. (In certain one-off cases it is possible to pay via PayPal – however, in this case we will charge you an extra 4,5% on the final amount payable) Paying in cash is not available.

How much is the shipping cost and how many days does it take for the parcel to arrive?

Shipping fees differ for every country. Once your package is put together, you will receive an e-mail including your invoice with the proper shipping fee which is calculated based on your country and the weight of your package (and also the dimensions of the parcel when shipping via FedEx). We ship via GLS to Europe and by FedEx to destinations outside Europe. Delivery time varies from country to country. When we accept you as our new retailer, we give you the exact shipping costs to your country for three standard-weight boxes. Order limit for free shipping: 1200 €, only for standard orders (not for pre-orders) and only for EU-retailers. For our Hungarian retailers we offer free shipping for orders above 150.000 HUF.

How often am I allowed to order?

You can order as frequently as you wish.

In which currency can I pay my invoice?

You can pay either in € (Euro) outside Hungary, or HUF (Hungarian forint) inside Hungary.

Do I have to pay VAT, custom fees or taxes?

The rates are standard EU net prices. In case the items are being sent outside of the EU, you will have to pay duty and custom administration fees, which may vary among countries and products. If you need further information regarding the fees and charges, please contact the local authorities.

How can I become an exclusive distributor in a country?

Please send us an e-mail about your intention. We will take into account your annual sales volume (sum of order), your profile (activity) and the scale of your business (extent of your shop). The application will be assessed by our international sales manager.

What if I can’t order a product?

The retailer webshop shows all the Liliputi® products of the current collection. In case a product is out of stock, it is not orderable. For some products, an expected arrival date is indicated. However, if the expected arrival date is not shown, the product is temporarily unavailable - please check the website regularly, we keep re-stocking!

What are the warranty conditions for Liliputi® products for retail partners?

Liliputi® Babywearing Ltd. offers a 6 months overall warranty for our products. Should any retailer has problem with a product bought from Liliputi®, and email should be sent to and a photo to be attached showing the problem. In addition, Liliputi® will need a copy of the original invoice issued for the product in question. The retailer has to send detailed information (size, colour, etc.) about the product along with the photos. The request will be evaluated by the management of Liliputi® within 72 hours upon receipt. In case Liliputi® accepts responsibility for the fault, a credit memo will be issued for our partner (the amount will be deducted from the next invoice), alternatively repair and/or partial refund (as credit memo) will be arranged.

Any products to be returned for repair or replacement must be clean. In case the returned product needs cleaning upon receipt, costs shall be reimbursed by the sender.

Liliputi® footwear claims:  
You may notice a visible difference between the soles or minor injuries because of the 100% natural leather used for the production of the Liliputi® footwear. Please note that it is not a manufacture defect, but natural injury of the skin which is not treated with chemicals nor coated.

Are there any terms that must be adhered to regarding the prices?

As a retailer you have accepted our general terms and conditions concerning the reselling policy. You are not allowed to sell Liliputi® products at a lower price as fixed in the SRP Gross pricelist. Outgoing products offered at discount prices by our shop are the only exceptions.

What kind of base materials are Liliputi products made of?

Every product has a detailed information about its base materials on our website.

1. Soft Baby Carrier, Mei-Tai and Ring Sling: made of GOTS certificate organic cotton (decor part is 100% cotton).
2. Stretchy wrap: its cotton base material has OekoTex 100 Standard.
3. Shoes: quality and safe genuine leather free from heavy metals and harmful chemicals, goods do not contain Chrome VI. (The limit of 5 mg PCP/kgs would not be crossed.)


What kind of certificates/recommendations do Liliputi products have?

Liliputi is a BCIA (Baby Carrier Industry Alliance) member since 2014. Our shoes and carriers are recommended by orthopedic doctors and their purchase is supported by Hungarian Health Funds as well. In case you need the copy of any of our certificates, please contact us.

As a retailer, may I return any products (as a result of misordering or similar cases)?

In most cases, Liliputi® Babywearing Ltd. accepts returns from its retailers. However, 15% of the retailer price of the returned products will be deducted as restocking fee. The shipping cost of the return and any custom fees are payable by the retailer. Any return-requests must be sent within 8 business days upon receipt of the order. If the product the retailer wishes to return is discounted or outgoing, the request will be immediately evaluated upon receipt. In that case, once the return is accepted, a restocking fee will be calculated individually.

last update: 05/04/17